Elite Athlete Management & Representation

NES ELITE is composed of a group of professional athletes who are committed towards excellence, sportsmanship and clean racing.


Neil Segel is the Principal Athlete Representative of NES ELITE and NES Consulting. Neil is an experienced athlete representative, with many years of professional business negotiation and contract skills that he employs on behalf of his clients to secure them the best possible results. Neil is a lifelong runner himself, and loves to help others in the sport succeed.


NES ELITE is committed to asssisting their athletes with the following:


a) To arrange the participation of the Athlete in an athletics meeting and/or competition including the negotiation of the Athlete’s fee for such participation and for any promotional appearances ancillary to such appearances


b) To maintain and enforce the Athlete’s rights following execution of a contract on behalf of the 



c) To investigate and negotiate sponsorship arrangements and endorsement contracts on behalf of the Athlete


d) To take reasonable measures to discover and investigate new business opportunities on behalf 

of the Athlete


e) To provide such other services as may be agreed to by the parties



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